Land & Development Planning Specialists

StratPlan is a Professional Service Firm operating in the land and development planning sector. We provide a range of spatial and economic development planning services to the community, public and private sector. Our core focus is on spatial and economic transformation in South Africa and Africa.


Project & Programme Management

  • Public Participation and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Socio-Economic Assessments

Land Planning & Property

  • Applications for Rezoning, Subdivisions and Consolidations
  • Property Assessment, Planning and Investment
  • Precinct Planning, Local Area Plans and Regional Development Plans
  • Strategic and Integrated Spatial Planning

Economic Development Planning & Implementation

  • Local Economic Development Planning
  • Informal Economy Planning and Support
  • Project and Sector Feasibility Assessments
  • Market Studies and Research

Our Services

Development & Land Use Management

Improving access to land for all South Africans is at the core of future economic transformation. Land use management is the tool through which this will be achieved. StratPlan engages in land use management on a number of levels and performs a wide range of development planning and land use management functions.

Spatial Assessments & Planning

Based on specifically our understanding of the South African spatial economic landscape, we offer our clients a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities in both urban and rural areas across South Africa. Our work in this field is underpinned by the theory of economic geography, which recognises the relationship between spatial location, spatial planning, and economic development. The principles of spatial economic development are applied to all levels of our planning, whether international, national, regional, local, or settlement.

Economic Feasibility Assessments

We have successfully concluded feasibility assessments for retail centres, petrol filling stations, social facilities, tourism projects, production opportunities, and projects in a range of economic sectors. We endeavour to indicate to our clients early on in any assessment or business planning process if we view a project to be unsustainable. We will provide a clear motivation for our reasoning and offer more suitable alternatives, aimed at achieving successful development outcomes!

Project & Programme Management

The StratPlan Team has developed strong capacity for project and programme management. Various project management tools are actively used in the day-to-day functioning of the firm. With project management tools, good communication skills and administrative capacity we always aim to deliver projects within resource and time constraints.

Property Development

An interest in spatial economic transformation and planning inevitably led to developing an understanding of the tools that will contribute to transformation being achieved. Property development is the most basic tool to transform space and the economy, providing opportunities to all.

Economic Transformation & Informal Economy

Economic and spatial transformation is at the core of what we think and do. We believe that Economic Transformation will only be achieved once all South Africans have equal access to economic opportunities. We acknowledge specifically the spatial economic inequality in South Africa, and other developing countries, and are committed to actively contribute to spatial transformation. This is a key consideration in each assignment we undertake.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan focuses the energy, resources, and time of everyone in an organisation or institution in the same direction. It is a specialised management tool, not an abstract planning document or a ‘tick box’ plan trying to cover everything. We believe that current guidelines for strategic plans seriously disrupt and even derail strategic planning processes. In the spirit of effective planning, StratPlan strives to be truly strategic, moving away from wish lists and comprehensive plans, and working towards plans with specific outcomes


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